Faith, Life, Romance

Life, Romance and Faith

Life.  A blip in time that fades quickly. Too quickly.

People fade in and out of our lives.  Some stay while some disappear into that frothy mist that clouds our hearts and minds never to return.  Others come and go diminishing the bonds that held them to you in the first place.  Finally, others leave us to fend for ourselves when they move on to a heavenly domain.  And yet, we are loved by those who have come and gone before us.

We see God’s love for us in the flowers with their myriad of colors and scents.  With the multitude of the twinkling stars in the heavens.   With the soft rains that fall on dormant grasses.  With the trees that gently sway in the slight breezes, giving glory to Him as they rise toward the heavens.  With the oceans that gently roll on pristine beaches.  With the snow that blankets the hills and valleys.  God gave us the gift of nature.  It’s beautiful and it’s romantic.

Romance was and is a gift from God.  How can it not be?  All things from God are gifts.  His love for us is unconditional.  And we experience that romance and love when we find that one person who speaks to our heart.  Who fills it like no other human can.  But there’s still that singular place in our heart that God reserves for Himself, and rightfully so.

I have a romantic heart, what can I say?  I’ve always believed in the power of love.  It can overcome any hurdle in life.  And when coupled with a dash of romance, it’s nothing short of amazing.

It’s a note or text to your spouse telling him you love him with a funny emoji.  While you are sleeping, it’s your husband’s hand on your arm whispering a prayer for you.  Less important but not trivial, it’s a bouquet of flowers or a small gift for no reason at all.  It’s giving up that last piece of chocolate when it’s his favorite so you can have it.  It’s the deep-down knowledge that you are loved.

Faith.  How to describe it? It’s such an intangible word.  Christians define it as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” (Heb 11:1) Webster’s defines it as the “unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence; unquestioning belief in God, religious tenets.”

For me, the “unquestioning belief in God” epitomizes what I feel and think about Faith.  I can’t see Him but I know He’s there.  Listening to every prayer, seeing me in all my frailty and yet, He still loves me.  He still loves you.

This blog is dedicated to all broad and narrow topics of Life, Romance, and Faith.

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